Staycation 2016: Day 9. Reality

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Our ‘staycation’ is not going to be a day out everyday and because we are at home, things come up, stuff happens and you have to deal with it.  Its not quite the same as going away on holiday somewhere where you know you have no wifi, or 3g/4g and you can’t be contacted.  This is real life and as much as I would like to make out we are on an outing a day, the reality is… we are not.

So Day 9:

Josh went to Cambridge with his GF shopping.

I had a client in the studio for HD Brows and then had some Make-up items to sort for my wedding jobs this weekend.

This involved me having to dash also to Cambridge MAC because they were out of stock of what I needed on-line.

Hubby, George and Archie went to the In-laws for lunch.  So you could say we all went our separate ways for Day 9.

Hubby, His Dad, George and Josh then went to watch a football match, Archie and I snuggled and caught up on Casualty Episodes.

*Sorry if this post is dull as can be, but this is DAY 9 – Reality and was necessary.  I could have not written but then I would feel we had a missing day

S x