Sunset. Beach Huts. Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

Staycation 2016: Day 6. Southwold

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Staycation Day 6 was a Beach Day.

The weather was set to be GLORIOUS!

The Bradfield family (including Josh’s GF and our dog) packed into my old Betsie Bus (Ford Galaxy); because it is the bigger car.  We packed, loaded the car and left at 8am in military style and we were off.

Despite having taken 1 of the 7 seats out of the car to make more room, we were still packed to the roof and the novelty of taking old Betsie on a road trip soon wore off when the family remembered:

1:  The air con was broken and there was literally no cool air (windows only)

2:  The Stereo was also broken (We did take my BOSE speaker for music which worked for a while – until Josh lost 3G on his Spotify and the car charger broke)

Husband went very quiet for a while on the journey up there.  The car was almost out of diesel and would you believe that for about 20 miles there was NOT a petrol station in sight.  He admitted after we found one and filled up that it was a close call and didn’t want to panic anyone.

We played the usual game of ‘who can see the sea first’ which hubby won.

The Bradfield’s had arrived in Southwold.  This cute seaside town sits on the East Coast in Suffolk and is one of my favourite beaches.  If you head more towards the harbour you are able to take the dogs on the beach which is perfect for us.

We made camp within easy reach of the sea, the beach café and the toilets and after the usual rigmarole of finding heavy stones to put in the beach pod to stop it blowing away and applying sun cream we were all set.

Hubby had thought of everything.  We had a wind-break and a Parasol for me to shelter from the sun.  (unfortunately the parasol had other ideas in the wind and blew away almost impaling Josh en-route).  We retrieved the parasol and put it down (thanking our lucky stars it didn’t hit a small child).

Peace was restored.  We spent the full day on the beach.  Hubby and kids were in and out of the sea (I don’t do the sea; fear of the unknown), I did however read and relax.  The dog also did some serious wave surfing, the waves at the end of the day were quite fierce and we had to stop her going in.  We saw a seal and many jellyfish; we think due to the warmer climate more jellyfish are coming in to our seas.

Black Labrador sitting in front of the sea at Southwold Beach. ©susanbradfield2016

We had to move our car from the beach car park by 6pm, so that was our cue to head into town.  A brief walk around Southwold confirmed I could happily reside here (some of my favourite clothes shops).

The pier is lovely with some beautiful gift shops and a little museum, well worth exploring.

You can’t come to a seaside town without having fish n chips for tea.  Actually I don’t eat fish but I had an amazing Battered Sausage.

The Pier. Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

Looking back at Southwold from the Pier. ©susanbradfield2016

Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

Blue Flag flies at Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

Beach Huts. Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

I am a little bit obsessed with beach huts.  So naturally we finished our day by walking along the front viewing all of the beautiful beach huts as the sun set.  The perfect opportunity to take some pictures.  I am really seeing the benefit now of taking the camera off of automatic which is exciting.

Sunset. Beach Huts. Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

Seagull flies over the sea as the sun sets at Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016

Beach Huts. Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016


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