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Staycation2016: Day 2. Southend

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Day 2 of our Staycation found us having a lazy morning.  No alarms set which was lovely.

Our plan was to just chill.  We had some food shopping being delivered, had a few bits to get for George’s birthday and then we were going to Southend to pick up my Mum, who had stayed with relatives.

We didn’t take the big car so only had Josh and Archie with us for this trip as we needed to save Mum a space for the journey home.

I would like to say that we didn’t go for the day.  We actually got down there at around 4pm and had some food with my Great Aunt and Uncle, expecting to just come home again.  It was an unexpected surprise when Great Uncle Graham suggested we go to the seafront.  It was lovely.  (So glad I took my camera).

We just walked along the seafront, through the fun fair and then went to the arcades.  Uncle G gave Josh and Archie a bucket full of 2p’s each for the slot machines and off we went.  I defy anyone not to revert back to being a child when in these places.  Hubby even gave me my pot with my stash of 2p’s in.  So much fun and laughter in a short space of time.

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All the cash was gone, but Josh did manage to win 2 meerkats toys and Archie won a ruler.

We ended the evening back on the seafront, I took many photos (sorry, but not sorry – I am practising with the camera) and then drove back to the most amazing red sky!

S x