Jamie Oliver ‘v’ Joe Wicks: Mac n Cheese or Tomatoes, Egg and Chorizo?

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The meal cook off.  Killer Mac n Cheese or Tomatoes, Egg and Chorizo?

Between Jamie Oliver and Joe Wicks our family are in dispute.  Actually it is a dispute between Killer Mac n cheese or Tomatoes, Egg and Chorizo.  Jamie and Joe were not ‘actually’ in our kitchen, although I think I would be fun to witness Jamie and Joe having a cook off.

My health

I am trying really hard to refrain from eating certain foods to see if it helps me feel better.  *We are talking about the Lupus and the fact that I have regrown a Spleen which is in the wrong place.   (Mine is tucked between the stomach and the bend of the stomach and the constant cause of pain).*

Back to the meal.

Josh is cooking from Jamie’s America Cook Book – Killer Mac n Cheese.  I love Jamie’s cookbooks and am a HUGE FAN.  I also love Mac n Cheese so this was really hard for me

Not only am I turning down a meal that my 16-year-old is cooking, but I am NOT eating something that is setting my taste buds wild.  Do you feel my pain?

If I eat the macaroni the enjoyment is momentary. You can be assured that the pain in my stomach will not thank me half an hour after digestion starts.  I am trying to cut out pasta in general especially white pasta so eating this meal was definitely a no for me.

The compromise

After explaining to Josh why I wouldn’t be eating his meal, we came to a compromise.  I would cook for myself and eat with the family.  I headed for the Joe Wicks Lean in 15 cook book.  The recipe that I chose was Tomatoes, Egg and Chorizo.  It is a really quick and simply dish that can be thrown together quite quickly after Josh’s Mac n Cheese hit the oven.

We worked side by side at the end, I was cooking my dish whilst Josh finalised his.  He even waited for mine to finish cooking before serving so we could all sit together and eat as a family.

I did sit myself at the end of the table though so I wasn’t in the middle of ‘Macaroni feast’.

Mac n cheese from Jamie's America Cook book.  www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

My meal was lovely although theirs looked SO MUCH YUMMIER (Sorry Joe but the mac n cheese did look nice).

A healthy option meal from Joe Wicks Lean in 15 cook book.  www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

On the positive side I managed to avoid REALLY HORRENDOUS garlic breath and the upset stomach I would have been guaranteed to have the next morning.  Jamie’s dish used 10 cloves of garlic.  YES THAT WAS TEN CLOVES OF GARLIC.

On the negative I was the ONLY person in the house who didn’t eat this dish so I was surrounded by 4 people who had eaten 10 CLOVES OF GARLIC.

Full Credit to Josh who at 16 completely NAILED this dish, everything made from scratch from the book including his very own cheese sauce!!!!  10/10

Macaroni Cheese.  Jamie Oliver Recipe.  www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

S x