Lupus and Sun

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I have struggled to deal with my own issues with LUPUS and I never really understood when I have been told ‘Always wear sun cream’ and ‘Be careful in the sun’.  I didn’t really know why or what the link was between ‘Lupus and Sun’ and the Doctors or Nurses have never really explained it?  

It was when my Sister-in-law questioned about the ‘sitting in the sun’ and ‘how did sun affect LUPUS’ that it really made me think.

The following information came up in a post from LUPUS UK website, so I thought I would ‘press it; and share the link straight to my blog to share this with you. 

I am on my Journey with this and trying to live my life and cope as best I can.  So understanding and reading up as much as I can does help.  It does tick some boxes and answer some questions and it may help some others.

If you click on the source link below it will take you to the post on Coping with Light Sensitivity.

Learn more about the effects and causes of light sensitivity in people with lupus and gets tips and advice on protecting yourself from UV exposure

Source: Coping with Light Sensitivity – LUPUS UK


I for one have stayed indoors (apart from the school run) during the day and enjoying a gentle walk in the evening, when the sun has almost set.

S x