Summer Festival Makeup by Makeup Artist Susan Bradfield

Beauty Series – Festival Make-up

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Festival Make-Up

Get the look

by Make up Artist Susan Bradfield

This pretty look was created for a shoot with Ellie Child Photographer, for her FEMININITY project.  I have had such a big response from people over what products I used and how I created the look that I felt it was time to blog about it.

If you are interested in me recreating this look using You Tube then please comment below.



Always start by cleansing the skin, it will really help the skin to look bright and plumper followed by moisturiser.

I nourished the models face using ‘CHARLOTTE TILBURY’ Magic Cream + Wonderglow

For this look ‘Less is more’ with the foundation.  You can get away with a tinted moisturiser because you really want a dewy fresh look.

TIP:  When trying out a colour of foundation, Test it in small stripes along your jaw line.  Don’t trust the light in the shops.  You will need to look at it in NATURAL DAYLIGHT to get the true colour.  Perhaps ask the shop for some samples in 3 shades around the colour nearest.  That way you can try the product at home BEFORE spending out money.

SO many times I have clients come to me with the wrong shade foundation having tested it in the shop.


BARE MINERALS Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrated Gel Cream


DANIEL SANDLER Invisible Radiance Foundation and concealer

You can apply with clean fingers, I prefer to use foundation brushes, you get a much nicer application and finish and make sure you BLEND.

I will be using the word BLEND many times in my Make-Up Series.  It really is SO important if you want to avoid stripes and harsh lines and awkward colour matches.


For this look I just wanted it to look contoured and highlighted with no added colour.

I used:

DANIEL SANDLER Sculpt and Slim powder

Use a small contoured powder brush take the darker powder from the palette.  Tap the brush on the side of your hand to get rid of the excess powder. Sweep the brush just underneath your cheekbones.

If you are not sure where this is suck your cheeks in to create a hollow.


With a fresh brush apply some of the lighter shade (Slight shimmer) above your cheekbones.  Smiling to reveal the apples of your cheeks will help.

I always use the foundation brush at this stage gently (without any more product) underneath the contoured part.  This just blends a little bit more.


What I used:

MAC Trend Forecast – Fall 16 / Eye Palette – Pink shade (on top right)


MAC Mixing Medium was added over the top of the colour to create the wet look. This was used for the editorial, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the medium to a festival.  VERY STICKY.

I applied the Pink shade from the MAC palette all over the lid right up to the brow for this shoot using a flat eye-shadow brush.  I then swapped to a very small eye-shadow brush to bring the same colour under the eye.  Blend well to avoid harsh lines.

TIP:  For a softer look just apply the colour to the socket line of your eye and blend.

Because this was for an editorial look and I wanted to create the ‘WET LOOK’ I applied the MAC Mixing Medium over the top.  This is really effective for photos, however not so practical if you are actually going to a festival especially if you have long hair that’s down.


I only used a small amount of Benefit Tinted Primer on the lashes.  It just added enough definition and separation for the natural look I wanted.  I actually love this product and quite often wear it on my own lashes without mascara.

I used:

BENEFIT Tinted Primer


I have not added any colour to the brows at all only a clear brow gel to fix the hairs in place.

I used:



For this look I wanted a really ‘Pretty Pink’ to make the lips pop.

I used:

MAC Trend Forecast Fall 16/Lip Palette – Shade – Sultry Move 


Apply using a lip brush for a stronger look.  You could just press the colour into the lips using your finger for a softer finish.


Just make sure you have blended and checked your face in ‘natural daylight’ to avoid any lines around the jawline and where you have contoured.

To finish I just added a small amount of translucent powder to the forehead, nose, chin and under the contouring of your cheeks.  The idea with this look is to be fresh, dewy and no heavily powdered.

I used:

DANIEL SANDLER Invisible Veil Blotting Powder

This may seem like lots of notes to take in.  It can be a really simple look to have a go at recreating it.

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There are ‘no rules’ to make-up.  Just enjoy it and have fun.

Comment below if you have any questions or would like me to do a video tutorial to run along side this.

If there are any other looks you would like help with please get in touch.

Susan x