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On Saturday I was due to go for a catch up with a friend.  Initially we were meeting at a half way point for drinks, but to be honest I was shattered and alcohol just doesn’t agree with me.  When I say that I mean, having one glass of wine generally starts to make my body hurt.  (Lupus thing).  I contacted my friend and asked if she fancied a meal in a pub followed by cinema.

I think she was as happy as I was.  So we met in The Bull in Watton at Stone for a meal and then headed off to the cinema.

Armed with Popcorn (It has to be done) we took to our seats eager for the film to start.


It was funny.  Lots of laugh out loud moments and there were moments when I felt like shouting out ‘I do that’ or ‘That’s SO ME!’ and judging from the reaction in the cinema I wasn’t alone.

I felt like it had never been off the screen.  How on earth has ‘Saffron’ played by Julia Sawalha NOT AGED!!  She looks amazing.  What’s her secret?

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders have just picked off where they left off.  Comedy Gold.  If felt totally relaxed and familiar and safe watching this movie.  I grew up with Ab Fab and I am now left wanting to re-watch the old episodes.

I want to watch it again because the cast in this film is insane and I want to just check I didn’t miss anyone.   Just head to IMDB yourself for the full credits.

Rylan Clark-Neal and Rebel Wilson playing Flight Attendants = Genius!  They are perfect cast together.  I can only imagine filming those scenes that day would have been hysterical.  I wonder if they have any out-takes, because I can only imagine there will be LOADS?

I didn’t realise Gwendoline Christie was in this.  Another moment of trying really hard not to shout out ‘It’s Brienne of Tarth’!  However I was quite pleased that very line was used in the film by Saffron’s daughter Lola who was played by Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness.

Janette Tough as Huki Muki was histerical.

I have full respect for June Whitfield who plays Edina’s Mum and has done throughout the whole Ab Fab series.  She revealed on Lorraine during an interview last week that she is 90.  YES 90!!! FULL RESPECT.

I felt like the film ended too soon, which I suppose is a good thing because that means to me that you have switched off and totally absorbed yourself in the film.  What was really funny is how we all hovered in the cinema as the credits went up (even after the lights went on), because we all thought there would be a clip at the very very end.  BUT NO.  So that was quite awkward.

I personally loved the film.  Comment below if you have seen it.  I would love to chat more to those who have seen it.  Who were your favourite characters?


S x

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