Flat Lay. Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui Book. Lavendar and vintage scissors.

A Full Moon, A New Day.  Let’s clean this clutter out.

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I started reading CLEAR Your CLUTTER with FENG SHUI  last night.  It is a favourite of mine and will live on my bookshelf forever.  I haven’t actually cleared my clutter properly for a good few years.  Not ‘Karen Kingston Style’.  So its really time for a good old sort out.

It suggests in the book that you can mapping a rough plan of your home and map over the top with the Feng Shui Bagua.  Although whilst it is worth noting the areas of your home, it is advised not to start implementing Feng Shui until you have Cleared your Clutter.

So this morning with the sun shining through my studio I sat on the floor and roughly mapped out our floor plan (downstairs) and then compared it to the Feng Shui Bagua.  The first place I felt compelled to tackle was, in fact, my studio (Prosperity Wealth and Abundance).  It is not just the areas visible when you walk into a room, you also have to tackle the cupboards, drawers and any other places you may have shoved ‘stuff’ to keep it away from the surfaces.

So far in the studio today I have managed to sort:

  • 1 Double Cupboard
  • 4 Drawer units
  • 1 Floor length wooden Venetian blind cleaned (A job I have been putting off)
  • Accounts sent to Accountant

I am done for today.  Exhausted and kind of happy whilst being acutely aware that I still have the other half of the studio to do tomorrow.

What is most interesting…is that whilst I have been downstairs doing my own clutter clearing, Josh who is 16 and having completed his final GCSE exam today has been in his room…Clutter Clearing.  I didn’t even have to ask.  He is loving it.

I can’t wait to continue this journey.  Watch this space.

Susan xx

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