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One crazy long day as a Mum of a child Actor

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This week has been really odd.  I mean really odd.  It started for me waking up on Monday morning feeling really quite disturbed following a horrible dream that I had during Sunday night.  It has played on my mind ever since.  My husband keeps teasing me saying it was nonsense.  Never the less I am still fretting.  I can’t even tell you about it because I don’t want to type it out.

Monday came and went in a flash totally overshadowed by Tuesday.

Here is a quick run down of my Tuesday:

5am:  Up and shower

5:30am:  Wake up the youngest child

6:00am:  Leave the house

6:30am:  Get on a train to London

8:15am:  Train leaves from Paddington to Cardiff Central  (Despite having reserved seating Archie and I find ourselves in ‘separate’ reserved seats, thankfully I was within poking distance so we could still communicate and half an hour from Cardiff the train emptied a bit enabling us to sit together)

9:29am:  George called me to tell me that he had passed his driving test.  HOORAY

10:35am:  Arrived in Cardiff Central and picked up in a car from the BBC

Straight into a costume fitting and then to makeup dept to see if Archie needed his hair cut.  Then back in a car to the station.

Archie and I grabbed a quick lunch before we got the train back.

12:35pm:  Train leaves Cardiff Central to Paddington (This time we were sat together and this was the point where my body was telling me it was tired.  I could feel that I had a temperature but I knew that I couldn’t let it get to me.  I took the 2 hr journey to read a magazine and drink a hot chocolate).

I lost track of the time when we arrived into London, but I know we arrived home back at 5:00pm (ish).

When I got in I then had to catch up on all of the news from George and Josh.  I helped George sort out his car insurance because he was desperate to actually get out in his car driving.  Once that was sorted I was able to get some dinner down me, get Archie to bed making sure all of his school stuff is sorted.

I finally took some medicine because my temperature was 101 by the time I sat down making a mental note to myself that a priority is to make a Doctors appointment.

Wednesday update:

I have been to the doctors and I have been given more antibiotics.  When I say more I mean I already take Penicillin V twice daily due to my spleenectomy in 1988.    Lets hope they kick in soon.  For now I am snuggled watching Loose Women on TV with a hot drink occasionally checking to see where George is today using my ‘Find Friends’ app on my Iphone.  Anyone else do that?  Its quite fun to watch the bobble that moves across the country.  (This only works when he is within a network coverage which so I am assuming they are in the middle of nowhere because his bobble cannot be found)

I am not obsessed by any measure but George, his Dad and his Grandad have gone to Cumbria University today on a bit of a roadtrip.  George has a dance audition today which is very exciting.  I have had a good old fashioned text from hubby to let me know they have arrived ok.

if anyone has some really good remedies for feeling well and getting rid of coughs, colds, chest infections then please pass them on.  I am desperate to feel better.  Like many people out there I don’t have time as a self employed person and Mum to actually be off sick.

Get in touch.

S x