Silver Tap shoes…naturally!

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So my latest Thursday evening finds me sitting on the couch surrounded by other parents whilst the youngest is in his second week at a dance school.  It’s not a full-time school.  He is only going one evening a week.

I haven’t had the chance to get him to a dance shop to get him fitted for tap shoes yet.  This week when we arrived the tap teacher was really lovely.  She had brought in a pair that she thought might fit him and that he could borrow until we could get to a shop.  They had been used in a show and had been sprayed silver.  Only Archie could pull off a silver pair of tap shoes.

They are a little on the small side but it meant he could participate and hear himself which I think we will all agree is an important thing when doing a tap class.

Silver Tap Shoes
He loved it.

So one Tap class, a Jazz class, a drama class and a very cold drive home (temperature was 1.5 degrees) and I am finally in the warm enjoying a hot drink.

Susan x