Setting Goals NOT Resolutions 2016

In Lifestyle, Makeup by Susan

I was asked by the family on New Years Eve and New Years Day respectively if I had any New Years Resolutions.  My answer was NO!  I am not making rash plans.  This year I will take my time and make a list of Goals.

So far I have:

  • Re-read and complete ‘The Artists Way by Julia Cameron’ including writing morning notes NOTE:  I have already read and completed this book a few years ago and whilst challenging it really is worth it.  You can buy the book here:


  • Overhaul this blog.  That includes planning and writing blogs better.   NOTE:  Watch this space.
  • Find the book that my Make-up Artist friend co wrote and actually read it.  NOTE:  If anyone wants to know she also runs a Professional Make-Up Training School

  • Develop my Make-up skills further and learn new skills, stepping out of the comfort zone and challenge myself.
  • Continue to build my Make-up Portfolio.
  • Really learn how to use my Nikon D3200 and Photoshop.
  • Master Pinterest, Twitter and Linked In.
  • Sew.  Well have a go at learning a new skill.
  • Draw, Paint and Doodle.
  • Cook more from scratch.

I think that’s a good starting point lets just see how we go from there.

Happy New Year by the way.  Lets hope 2016 brings us all what we wish for.

Susan x