Visualisation Boards and why they work

In Lifestyle, Makeup, Spiritual by Susan

Every now and again I find something that I love or aspire to have or be like.  I may cut the picture out and stick it around a mirror.

That’s my way.

Tonight whilst getting ready to go out I stood in front of that mirror to apply my lipstick.  Look people just look…

It’s the EXACT same lip palette from MAC.

Ok I know I am a Make up Artist BUT have you been into a MAC Pro store recently?  Especially the one near Carnaby Street.  It’s huge.  I can’t possibly own every single item.  But yes I did purchase this in London on one of my trips however I didn’t realise it was the same one I had pinned to my board!

Time to stick some more pictures up this weekend I think.

Susan X

By the way I am wearing the middle left shade in the picture.  More details to follow.