Double Whammy Toad In The Hole = Double Whammy Mess (BUT WORTH IT)

In Food, Lifestyle by Susan

Last Sunday Mr B offered to cook.  We had sausages in the fridge, so I was expecting a basic sausage and mash but when he said he was popping out to get some ingredients I was intrigued.

I know by now to stay out of the way when Mr B Cooks, but I couldn’t help but grab the camera and investigate the sounds of splashing and shouting coming from the kitchen.

The sight that greeted me was the sort of scene you would put horror music to followed by screaming.

There was mess EVERYWHERE!

As I dared to step in closer I could see the husband attempting to use the whisk on a VERY full bowl of batter.  It was shooting out and all over him when he least expected it.  Thankfully he was finding it very funny which allowed me to take some photos.

Double Whammy Toad in the Hole and a messThis recipe seriously made a lot of food.  We got 12 portions out of it.  The onion gravy was amazing and the beer batter was just fantastic.

Just for the record I did help with the washing up and cleaning of the kitchen because after taking the photos and laughing so hard I did feel really sorry for the husband.  He did an amazing job with this meal.

What will he cook next?

Susan. x

Recipe from JAMIE’S COMFORT FOOD: Double Whammy Toad in the Hole