Life is just an playground…

In Family, Health by Susan

A tired dog walk this afternoon sent me a deeper message than I thought.

I was in my own little world enjoying some fresh air whilst simultaneously freezing.  The weather has really become autumnal in Hertfordshire so the hat was on!

Madame Becksina and myself were just pottering along a tree lined path when we came across a fallen tree.

It made me instantly think of dog agility.  So we had an impromptu agility session… Much to the amusement of the dog.  There are out-takes where she chose to run under  instead of over.  There were even times where she jumped over and straight back the other way.  Show off!

It made me smile and reminded me that the world really is our playground, you just have to look.


 I am making a note to go outdoors more.  I know that I enjoyed it and I am certain the dog loved it judging by the smile on her face (Yes I am one of those people that believe dogs can smile).

Susan X