A ketchup bath for the dog.

In Dogs, Lifestyle by Susan

Yes you heard me.  Ketchup!

I am not joking.  Have you ever smelt a dog when it has rolled in fox poo? If you have then you will know just how bad that smells.  If you haven’t then let’s hope that you never do!

Shampooing just won’t get rid of the smell!

I didn’t believe it when someone told me about the ketchup thing a few years ago.  Even the dog looked at me crazy when I squirted her all over with the condiment from the fridge.  But it worked! Smell eliminated!  Apparently it’s the acid in the ketchup that neutralises the smell of the fox… 

Black Labrador being hosed down in the garden.  Ketchup is being used to bath her to get rid of the smell of fox poo.

1) Eliminate as much of the ‘poo’ with kitchen roll or in my case ‘baby wipes’

2) squirt the affected area with ketchup and massage in. (I would recommend rubber gloves)

3) rinse well

4) shampoo

5) rinse well

That’s it.  Other than try to avoid letting dog roll in fox poo.  If you are a dog owner you will know that is almost impossible because dogs tend to find it before us humans even realise.

Enjoy.  Hee hee.

Susan x