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London Town I have missed you so.

In Casting Mum, Family, Lifestyle, Theatre by Susan

Archie and I haven’t been to London for a few weeks and I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.

Thankfully he has been called to a casting for Billy Elliot so we can get our London fix this morning.

It was an early start for us, my alarm didn’t go off but Mr B managed to wake us up in time and we were in London early enough to get a Costa.

It melted my heart because Archie had told me on Mothers Day that he was going to treat me to a drink in London.  He did not forget.  So proud when he went up to the counter ordered and paid for 2 drinks.

So as any Mum to a budding young actor knows it’s all about waiting around.

I am currently sitting in a theatre with a group of other parents whilst our little men are off with the Billy Team learning choreo and acting.  Archie seems to take it with a pinch of salt.  He seems as cool as a cucumber, not sure if that’s how he seems on the inside.  The way we look at it is that every casting or experience that he has is a learning tool and a life lesson.  To do a group audition or casting when you are a child is a nerve wracking experience.  It takes some guts to be able to do that.  All of the things he has done over the last 3 years has without doubt grown his confidence and aided him at school.  His reading has come on so much quicker and the teacher had noticed a dramatic improvement in his confidence in class.

I just sit and wait and will be there to hug him when he comes out regardless of the outcome.  We take things one step at a time and never assume anything.

And after he is done we will enjoy the sound, smells and buzz of London before we dash on the train home.

S x