Archie Bradfield. Shopping in Liberty London at Christmas

A week of quite frankly utter chaos and madness with a bit of singing into a broom.

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Remember that post where I said that I would blog daily… Well I failed.  I hold my hands up because it has just never happened. Mainly because the week has become madness.

The last week has gone by in a flash.  I will try and summerise it a little otherwise I am just going to waffle on which won’t be pleasant for anyone (My Dad once called me ‘Gabby’ which I can now take as ‘shut up talking Susan’).

From a business point of view, I am trying to be in the shop as much as possible myself, because with the Autumn now upon us I need to do my window displays and also get some stock ordered.  Also I am aware that over the next few months I will be relying alot on my Mum who know officially works for me to hold the fort whilst I am on set with Archie.  Big shout out to my lovely Mum who is really a huge part of Beau Treasure.

Archie has been cast in a major TV production which commences filming soon.  Detail to follow once I have been authorised to tell.  During the week I have had to fill in multiple forms for the TV production & Chaperone License application forms and the receipt of the scripts.  OH MY GOODNESS.

I also had a casting… YES ME!  Hilarious.  It was a joint casting.  They wanted a mother and son.  Can I just say at this point that I have no idea how I did actually get cast in the Tesco Christmas Advert a couple of years ago…  It is quite clear to me that Archies acting skills completely exceed mine.  As he announced very loudly in a packed waiting room “Mum – see I told you not to be nervous“.  HMMMMM.  We ended up in Liberty’s Christmas section, brought a Christmas bauble, which they very kindly packaged into a giant bag especially for Archie.  Handy in rush hour on the Tube.


With me opening the shop I have gone from being a working from home Mum to working Full Time hours out of the home.  When I am not in the shop, I am in London with the boy, driving around (mum’s taxi) after one or indeed all of the three children or trying to juggle far too many balls in the air OR all of the above.

So with everyone now busy all day it has come to a point where we are letting things slip at home.  I had the genius idea that we should all just spend 2 hours on a Friday evening blitzing the house, therefore beginning the weekend with it looking tip top.  Needless to say the 2 eldest children did not appreciate this suggestion.  They did however embrace it.  We had music blaring from every room.  The house was for one night at least immaculate.

A bedroom.  Greys, Mauves.  Freshly made bed. A candle by Nadia Narain, on a white bedside table.  Pink lamp from Laura Ashley.  Grey Wallpaper from Next

Is this the perfect time to confess that Archie and I were using a broom to sing Rick Astley in the living room whilst dancing around?

My plan for this idylic weekend of organisation was scuppered when Archie got another casting in London for a musical for Saturday morning.  This meant last minute learning of songs and scripts.  I had to work in the shop and husband ended up doing the casting with Arch on Saturday – not returning home until late that night.

I also failed to order the food shop online (Which I assured the family I would do), so that when we woke up in our perfectly clean house on Saturday morning we would also have a full fridge of food.  Oops.  I have not been allowed to forget this!

Sunday found me in the car mainly.  Driving to and from Drama school with George and Archie and dropping Josh off at a friends.  I found time to whizz to a supermarket with Archie getting a few bits and made a full of roast dinner whilst supervising homework.

Archie Bradfield.  Sitting at the dinner table, doing homework.  Wearing Hatley Polar Bear Pyjamas.  Even Child Actors still have to do their homework

The weekend ended curled up feeling utterly exhausted watching ‘Downton Abbey’ with a cup of tea and a slice of Cheesecake.

So whilst I sit here writing this blog, In my mind I am thinking I should really book my food shop sooner rather than later and wondering what may come my way this week…  I also am aware that I actually have waffled on a bit.

Susan x