Archie Bradfield. Costume Fitting. The Duchess of Malfi.

The Duchess of Malfi – The Costume and the Hair

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Following on from my previous post about Archie in the Duchess of Malfi, I though I would chat about his costume.

This post will give you a little insight into the costume department, the building of the ‘Child’s’ costume and the hair.

So by now the boys have had their head cast done and next came the costume fittings.

This day proved very exciting because they discovered they had their very own dressing room which was HUGE!

Archie and George were taken to their dressing room in The Globe and they met Maria who was going to be their Chaperone for all rehearsals and all the shows.  Both Nikki (George’s Mum) and myself were  nervous about meeting the Chaperone.  After all we were leaving precious cargo in her hands for quite some time.  It was really important that we felt comfortable with her and more importantly that the boys were happy.  We need not have worried.  Maria was FAB.  A complete mother figure to the boys, who they instantly bonded with and she was amazing.  I can honestly say that knowing Maria was looking after Archie, made it so much easier dropping him at the stage door.

Archie Bradfield.  Costume Fitting.  The Duchess of Malfi. Archie Bradfield.  Costume Fitting.  The Duchess of Malfi.

Archie then had to have his hair cut into a typical Jacobean style.  Short and a bit messy choppy at the front.

All in the name of showbiz.

It is after all only hair.  It does grow back.

Reward Time.

And after all of that hard work it was time for some fun…


I just want to finish this post with a little mention to the other boy who shared the role with Archie, George and his Mum Nikki.

We didn’t know what to expect from this show.  What we certainly didn’t expect was to make such good friends that happen to live in the next town from us.  This was a complete coincidence.  What it has meant is that Archie and George have kept in touch and regularly spend time as they are great friends.  Nikki and I were left hanging around at The Globe sometimes for hours whilst the boys were in rehearsals, however we got on so well that time just flew by whilst we laughed OUT LOUD A LOT!!!!!!  Sometimes giggling like children.

Thank you Duchess of Malfi cast and crew.  Not only did you create an amazing show, a brilliant experience for the boys but you also created friendships that will last forever.  (Sorry for the sentiment but its true).

Susan x