Happy New Year: Clearing Up and Making Plans

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Happy New Year.

We celebrated at home.  It was a very quiet one.  Mr B, The boys (G, J and A) and myself, all in pyjama’s wishing in the new year with Gary Barlow on the TV.  I think we were all sound asleep by 12.30am.

After a slow start, Mr B and I (Mainly I) decided that we wanted the decorations down and the house tidied.  New Year New Beginnings and all that Jazz.

Decorations are laying all over the floor, waiting to be packed away

mess and decorations all over the floor

A pile of children's empty stockings

More decorations and ornaments on the carpet

Our tree stands bare


Our most precious tree ornament. This was handmade in the USA for our family. My Mum brought it home from there for us. Irreplaceable.

Russian Tree ornaments


This twig tree stays down. I have plans for this throughout 2014

A round wicker basket holds all of the tree ornaments

Beautiful Decorations

The twig tree is not the only item from Christmas that I have decided to keep down this year.  I also feel that we can use this sign all year round.

Our Metal 'BE MERRY' sign from my shop has to stay down all year.

These hearts that I made over a year ago (Badly), had been just plopped on the tree as decorations.  I have rescued them and intend to keep them by my side to give me inspiration and a reminder that Valentine’s is just around the corner.

Also a reminder that I really should do some more craft.  After all ‘practice makes perfect’.

A reminder of Love, Valentine's Day and Craft

We are all tidy now (Almost).

Time to get started on my next project…

Project 1: Recycling this pile of cards into gift tags

Susan x