Festival Fun in our garden on a Sunday afternoon.

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In a quiet town in Hertfordshire, a lot of people would be relaxing on a Sunday.  Not us.  Sundays are usually chaos.  2 of our boys go to a drama school but because of their ages their call times generally differ.  So I am an EDSA Mum and you will usually spot me on the road in between our home and Hitchin. Our middle son plays football on a Sunday and hubby is the manager of his team.  So there you have it.  C.R.A.Z.Y, but we love it.

We have managed to sneak some time of fun and games in the garden, totally instigated by a very energetic Archie.

After discovering a broken kite in the garden shed we found that we had a twirling ribbon at our disposal.  (My idea to have the twirling ribbon).  This then turned into lots of different carnival festival like games.  Of which a lot got caught on camera.  Sorry about that.  I usually dislike having my picture taken, but I have promised to show some on my blog.

Susan Bradfield and Archie Bradfield having some festival fun.  Twirling ribbon in the garden Susan Bradfield and Archie Bradfield Twirling Ribbon in the Garden.  Trees in the background.  Grass with Daisies. Susan Bradfield Watches her son Archie Bradfield with a smile on her face.  Archie is trying hard to twirl his ribbon like a gymnast Susan Bradfield and Archie Bradfield.  Festival Fun in the Garden with Twirling ribbons Japanese maple in the foreground.  Archie Bradfield watches on as Susan Bradfield twirls her ribbon like a gymnast.  Garden Festival Fun Archie Bradfield and Susan Bradfield having fun with ribbons in their garden.  Japanese Maple in the foreground. Susan Bradfield laughing as she twirls her ribbon like a gymnast Susan Bradfield and Archie Bradfield Susan Bradfield twirling her ribbon in the garden

Susan Bradfield takes her jumper off in the heat.

Did not realise the husband had taken this shot and he has told me I have to include it in my blog. Sorry.

Susan Bradfield still working with that ribbon in the garden Roger Bradfield shows us how to juggle Ribbon twirls and entwined though the branches of a pear tree. Roger Bradfield juggling.  Archie looks on in the background

Roger Bradfield Juggling

Juggling.  Roger Bradfield juggling.  Dark Clouds are giving the image a moody feel Roger Bradfield.  Union Jack Flags Archie Bradfield attempts skipping

A blurry Picture of Susan Bradfield mid skipping

I know it is a blurry picture but i kind of like it anyway.

Susan Bradfield skipping with a skipping rope Susan Bradfield skipping in the garden

If anyone wants to know what me and the little one are wearing:

Me:  Shoes:  Converse, Shorts:  H & M, T-shirt: Stardust, Jumper:  Wear What U Love

The Dude:  Shoes:  Duffs (bought from TKMAXX), Trousers:  Gap, Striped T-shirt:  Next, Jumper:  Joules

Just a shame that the sun did not come out.

Susan x